What Service Companies Do Not Know About Ozone

The most obvious area of missing information is that ozone is made in nature, and thus it should be considered as eco-friendly and very sustainable.  Ozone uses NO RAW PRODUCTS to make.  Ozone is enriched oxygen, so existing O2 oxygen is restructured to form O3 0zone.  Because it is "unstable or reactive", the O3 will revert back to O2 in about thirty minutes or sooner.  No depleted resources, no waste, and no residue.  That, my friend, is hard to beat when it comes to something that does the work ozone can do.

Ozone is formed in nature helping to clean and sanitize our air and our world.  An average thunderstorm will produce about 200 tons of ozone, which explains in part why the air is so fresh after a storm.  The rain washes everything, and the ozone sanitizes our world as well.  

There is a relationship between UV light and ozone.  The ozone layer in our sratosphere protects life on earth from excessive ozone.  Do you know how this is done?  When UV light encounters an oxygen environment (like Earth's atmosphere), ozone is formed.  In other words, UV light is being intercepted and temporarily stored as ozone.  By the way, when the sunlight goes away, the ozone will revert back to oxygen.  Very cool.

As UV light is known to kill bacteria and virus, so does ozone.  Both destroy the outer membrane of pathogens, causing them to die without the use of harmful chemicals.  Ozone is one to the most powerful and effective sanitizers in the world.

Like UV light, ozone will kill mold and mildew.  Take a moldy piece of wood hidden in a dark shed, and put it in the summer sunlight for a day or so.  The UV light will kill the mold.  No chemicals needed.  Professional know that killing isn't the whole story.  The molded material must be removed as well.

Some my recall their mothers hanging the laundry out to dry.  They knew that there was a fresh smell from the sunlight on clothes.  Ozone is very effective at destroying odors (not masking the smell).  Ozone goes to the source to destroy the cause of the odor.  

With all this said, why is ozone such a neglected topic?  Why haven't we heard more about ozone.  Well, manufacturers can't bottle it, put it on the shelf, or supply if like a fragrance.  If they can't make money with it, they have no interest in it.  In fact, they will likely say unflattering things about ozone so you will buy their cleaning and fragrance products instead.  

There is an aqueous ozone that requires expensive machinery, maintenance, and treats large volumes of water.  Aqueous ozone has not been practical for most remediation companies.  The better aqueous oxidizer is hydrogen peroxide formulas.  If that is something of interest, check out https://www.h2o2decon.com