Why Carpet Cleaning is not Odor Removal

It is normal to think that cleaning your carpet will freshen the house or office and get rid of those stale odors.  In fact, carpet cleaning is recommended and it does a good job of getting a lot of junk out of the carpet.  Always start with a very good vacuuming of the carpet using a freshly emptied bag.  The carpet cleaning process will then apply a minimum of water, cleaning solution, physical agitation; and then extract as much as possible so the carpet dries in short order.

When if comes to pet odors, urine stains are pre-treated with a neutralizer or enzyme prior to the carpet cleaning process.  There is no need to criticize any of what has been said so far except to express concerns for the types of chemicals that may be applied by the service.  The effectiveness of many odor removal products may be ineffective on some odors and not fully effective for their listed target odors.

Here is the real concern.  Odors do not only reside in the carpet.  Pet and urine odors may be worse in areas of the accident, but the smell is literally transferred at the molecular level as positive and negative charges associate throughout the building.  Odors can permeate the furniture, the curtains, and live in something called a biofilm of surfaces and walls.  

No cleaning service or carpet service can do a total remediation of odors although they can certain help the situation.  It is not until we can treat the whole room or building that odors can be removed once and for all.  

Remove Carpet Odors

Embedded smells can get deep into cushions and fabrics.  To get a building "Odor Free" there is a need for a follow-up service that will address the hard-to-reach odors at a molecular level.  Ozone generators are often the way to "Finish the Job" when it comes to mold remediation, clean-up, and carpet cleaning.  No one wants to go to the trouble to clean and then still smell the lingering odors that should now be gone.

The same issue is true for cleaning services, dust cleaning services, painting and remodeling services.  An alliance should exist where these services refer each other because  none can claim to be the 100% cure.   Cleaning services are yet another example.  How much surface do they cover then it comes down to actual contact?  Probably, less than 20% of the exposed areas are cleaned ... at best.  The other 80% must be dusted, vacuumed, swept, or totally ignored.  Germs, pollutants, allergens, and such will survive just fine in most "Clean Buildings".

There is a professional solution that literally exceeds most products on the market h2o2 Decon Five is a "Broad Spectrum" decon product that can be used on carpets, to seriously remove odors.  Decon Five can be fogged throughout the house to remove the ambient sources of odor.  This will complete the process because the environmentally-safe fogging process dries quickly but kills cooking, smoke, and pet odor  ... and it kills mold and mildew on contact.  This is the perfect solution for anyone in the carpet cleaning business.