The Full View on Indoor Air Quality

The area of indoor air quality seems somewhat esoteric or non-descript.  What is indoor air quality and why should we care?  It might help to equate air to water to make sense of what else follows in this article.  We know that water (H2O) is best if it is pure.  It is healthier when it is pure.  We can add things to water that are good, but may be enhance the health benefits ... like sugar or carbonation.  And, we can make tea, coffee, and additives our bodies might like.

We can also pollute water.  Bad water will often smell bad.  It may taste bad.  And, bad water can make you very sick.  Essentially, the same is true for the air we all breathe.

Indoor Air Quality Problems

So, lets start with something called "Particulates".  These are the little floaties you might see in the air if the room is dark and a shaft of light cuts through the air.  Suddenly, we can see thousands of particles in our air.  And that is what we breathe twenty-four hours a day.  Much of those particles are dust and fibers.  There is ash, old cigarette smoke chemicals, soot, hair, fur, and lead in older homes.  Then, there is pollen and mold spores.  Frankly, the list is pretty long including skin flakes, insect parts, and fecal pieces from insects.

There is the "Biological" contributions that include bacteria and virus.  Some bacteria is actually good bacteria, referred to as probiotics.  About twenty percent of the bacteria is harmful.  If allows to colonize and fester, disease and foul odors will follow.

What we can see in the air is "Gaseous".  Frankly, what we can't see may be more harmful than the particles already mentioned.  In our tightly-sealed homes, chemicals are concentrated and constantly recycled.  Gases come from cleaning chemicals constantly brought into the home, candles, fragrances, and various spray products.  VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and unfriendly gases that come from many sources.  The glues in furniture, carpet, and particle board send gases like formaldehyde into the air.

The "Bioload" of a home, office, workplace, school, or gym is a combination of all these items.  The minimum we can do is routine cleaning, but all know that will not resolve the problem issues that may arise.  And, the idea of diagnosing the root causes of odor, toxins, gases, and biological issues is a huge expense and time killer.

Here's an idea.  What if there was an All-In-One Solution?  Consider an eco-safe application that could effective eliminate odors, kill bacteria and virus, kill mold and mildew, neutralize chemical residue (including VOCs and TICs), and fully decontaminate and detoxify any home or building.  Until now, that product did not exist.  Via a grant twelve years ago, a research firm perfected the ideal decontamination product using a Cross-Activation with hydrogen peroxide.  This EPA registered product has been the darling of the military and research facilities, and it is finally available to professional remediation services.