The Full View on Indoor Air Quality

The area of indoor air quality seems somewhat esoteric or non-descript.  What is indoor air quality and why should we care?  It might help to equate air to water to make sense of what else follows in this article.  We know that water (H2O) is best if it is pure.  It is healthier when it is pure.  We can add things to water that are good, but may be enhance the health benefits ... like sugar or carbonation.  And, we can make tea, coffee, and additives our bodies might like.

What Service Companies Do Not Know About Ozone

The most obvious area of missing information is that ozone is made in nature, and thus it should be considered as eco-friendly and very sustainable.  Ozone uses NO RAW PRODUCTS to make.  Ozone is enriched oxygen, so existing O2 oxygen is restructured to form O3 0zone.  Because it is "unstable or reactive", the O3 will revert back to O2 in about thirty minutes or sooner.

Why Carpet Cleaning is not Odor Removal

It is normal to think that cleaning your carpet will freshen the house or office and get rid of those stale odors.  In fact, carpet cleaning is recommended and it does a good job of getting a lot of junk out of the carpet.  Always start with a very good vacuuming of the carpet using a freshly emptied bag.  The carpet cleaning process will then apply a minimum of water, cleaning solution, physical agitation; and then extract as much as possible so the carpet dries in short order.

Aqueous Oxidizer verses Chlorine Dioxide

So far, there is no real debate on this subject; but I must say that there is some rivalry between aqueous ozone and chlorine dioxide.  Why is that?  Well, they are different products, but they are still both in the same category of "Oxidizers".  And, I think the very idea of oxidation is one of nature's best gifts.  Fast oxidation is called fire.  Very fast oxidation is called an explosion.