Disease Prevention in Schools & Pre-Schools

Infection Control in SchoolsDisease prevention is not a single issue problem.  It is always a crucial issue to teach children to routinely wash their hands, avoid kissing or hugging other sick children, and to cover their sneezes or coughs.  Kids have no idea how germs are passed, so teach them how to stay heathy.

However, infection prevention is far more than person-to-person contact.  There are many common touchpoints that easily pass bacteria and virus.  And, to be clear; cleaning is helpful, but not good enough.

So far, sanitizing efforts have been laborious and costly.  The cost of labor far exceeds the cost of products.  However, the choice of sanitizing products may influence the labor required for a full application.

Sanitizing before or during an infectious outbreak impacts the budget.  Rather than bring in outside firms, more school and maintenance crews are taking on the role of sanitizing.  This may cut costs, but there is a better option recently making very positive news.

No Touch systems of spray treatments can allow one person to do the work of six people on the cleaning crew.  Add to that fact that products like the h2o2 Decon Five can deliver a six-log sanitizing (99.9999%), and this option becomes very attractive.

If the cost of full-on sanitizing effort was not a budget-buster, the staff could accomplish serious sanitizing multiple times during the year with an emphasis during infection cycles.

h2o2 Decon Five is quite amazing since it delivers more than a six-log sanitizing process.  The treatment destroys odors, kills mold and mildew, and neutralize VOCs and TICs.  This is a broad-spectrum process that includes a high level of sanitizing impact.  Yet, this product is EPA registered, environmentally safe, non-toxic, and non-polluting.  The EPA registration even provide for the use of this product in food preparation areas as long as there is no exposed food.

Professional services have started using this product with great success.  (Amazing Fresh Air).  Because this product is so safe, maintenance workers may apply this product with the qualification of an online Applicator's Course.